Almost all of today spend more time at work than at home. As sad as this may sound, it has become mandatory to do so in order to stay ahead of the competition. Because of this there are many who go to work early or stay as late as possible and companies do benefit from all this extra effort and commitment. The same can be said about a construction site. The time that an average worker spends at a construction site is far more than what an average worker would spend at an office. With tight deadlines and various work requirements, it has become mandatory to sometimes stay long hours at a construction site. In such a situation, the health and safety of the workers cannot be emphasized enough. A happy workforce will bring better results and you will benefit even more. Here are some tips on how you too can maintain health and safety at a construction site.

Get certified

There are many certifications which you can obtain with regards to health and safety at workplace such as OHSAS 18001 in Singapore. Getting certified for such standards mean that you have to comply with them at all times, making your work environment a safe and healthy one. While these certifications may seem like an added cost, the benefits far outweigh the costs. Because of this reason getting certified can free you from the headache of having to look into the matter of health and safety at all times. Instead of responding reactively to health and safety issues, you will be forced to be proactive. If you really do not have the funds for certification, you may simply follow the standard until you have funds to obtain certification.

Do checks and audits

Once you have established a system and put it in place, it is important to do continuous checks. These checks will be done very frequently at the beginning and will gradually be spaced out. There are many methods of measuring the effectiveness of the health and safety standard and its compliance. One such method is ConSASS audit. There are many auditors specializing to whom you can outsource the process. Or better yet, you can train your internal quality assurance team do be proficient in this method of auditing.

Establish and enforce ground rules

Last, but not the least, implementing health and safety practices at a construction site is not the sole responsibility of the management. Therefore, get together with your team and establish some solid ground rules. After this, it is everyone’s responsibility to implement the ground rules.