Are you concerned about what to do about excess hair growth on your body? Whether you are a man or a woman, unsightly fuzz can make you feel insecure and awkward. Thankfully, there are ever-improving techniques and technologies that can instantly take care of the problem, making you feel lighter and more confident at once. Let’s look at some of the options you should consider.


This is what almost everyone tends to do to get rid of unwanted whiskers or strands. While it is alright, it can cause ingrown hairs, which can get even get infected. Not only that, but using blades for too long, or using razors that have only one or two blades can end up causing cuts that simply are not worth it. You may be able to avoid some of these problems if you use a moisturizer after you shave.

Plucking, Tweezing, and Threading

For eyebrows and sometimes for those upper lips, these are the go-to options, but they too tend to cause ingrowth and even scarring. It can also be incredibly painful. Avoid using these methods for larger areas, and stick to them when there are just a few strays that you might have missed with other techniques that will be covered next. Additionally, you could use a facial acne and pore minimizer afterwards, as this will help combat the inflammation and pain associated with threading and tweezing.

Hot Wax

You can do this at home or at a salon, and it is certainly a popular method used by males and females alike. However, it is also painful and tends to be quite messy. It is not recommended if you are using prescription creams in the area you wish to wax. It is good method to use if you go to the professionals at a salon, though, as home jobs don’t always go right.

Light Treatment

This is an increasingly popular technique that is offered at salons and spas, and there is even a growing market for IPL hair removal for men. This is one of the most long-lasting techniques that uses pulses of lights to inhibit growth. Depending on regrowth rates, you won’t need very frequent treatments. It is safer and easier than a lot of the usual techniques, some of which are covered in this list.

Depilatory Creams

This essentially uses chemicals to dissolve the hairs on your skin, and can be dangerous if you have a history of allergies. It can also burn the skin. However, most of these creams are generally safe to use on general areas like arms and legs if you do not have sensitive skin. If you are using these creams, make sure that you follow instructions carefully, and that you test the cream on a small area of your skin if you have never used the product before.

These are just some of the options you have to get rid of the Sasquatch look. Some of these techniques are best for certain areas of the body, while others should be avoided altogether. As long as you take the necessary precautions and aftercare, all of these techniques are relatively safe.