Photography is a long lived activity of humans, photographing moments in your life helps you to recall them and cherish them whenever you can. Other than remembering things this is one of the best ways to collect memories. When talking about memories – parenthood is the best times anyone could ever ask for all the memories of your kids growing up are very useful for you in the future as well as the child. Therefore photographing your kid’s childhood will bring back so many memories in life.

Nowadays there are ways of collecting the memories of your newborn when they are very small this is a trending topic among parents nowadays – this way you can remember every single memory of your child. Baby photoshoot Singapore are done by almost every studio but people should be properly trained for this because they a dealing with a delicate newborn.  This article will give you tips to make sure your newborns moments are captured at its best.

Tip One:  The sooner the better.

As you can understand babies grow up super-fast there’s only a limited time period where they are very quiet and easy to handle, baby photographers recommend that the shoot should be done when during the first two weeks after the baby’s birth. This is mainly because babies at this age sleeps a lot allowing the photographers to make cue poses and move them where ever they want to and  not wake the child as they will be in heavy sleep.

Tip Two: Siblings

If you have any elder children make sure you take them with you for the photoshoot because you will cherish those kinds of shoots when your children grow older.

Tip Three: have an idea.

Make sure to do a little research on what type of shots you need of your child as this is a trending topic you can find a lot of photos and poses online that you might want. Make sure to let the photographer know before the shoot what you need and keep backups on your phone just in case.

Tip four:  give it your full time.

These kinds of shoot might take way longer than you think because you will be dealing with a newborn therefore make sure you don’t have any other plans on the same day. The process of taking photos will include time to time feedings, changing of cloths and making the baby fall asleep these could take time.

Tip Five:  have extra cloths.

This is also very important make sure you have extra cloths for the baby as well as family members who will be holding the baby for photos because accidents may happen.