You might be looking at maintaining a great skin care regimen. There are many essential items which you will need. You will have to purchase a great cleanser, exfoliator, toner, moisturizer as well as a spot treatment. Some people omit moisturizing because they think that there skin is too oily but this can lead to more breakouts. Here are some tips on how you can maintain great skin care:


You must try to purchase items which are safe for your skin. You must try to avoid items like essential oils, citrus based items, menthol as well as alcohol which has been denatured as these items can result in more breakouts. You must remember that acne can be treated if you do not inflame it further. You can even use these products in conjunction with your acne scar removal treatment.


You must try to use the correct makeup items for your skin if you want to protect your skin from blemishes. If you do use the wrong items it can result in your skin condition exacerbating over time. Sometimes emollients which are thick can cause the pores to clog up faster. This can wreak havoc on the skin as you will be compelled to use more makeup to hide the zits.


You must try to purchase a great BHA exfoliator which will keep your skin dewy and fresh. It is a salicylic based acid which removes the surface of the skin in order to fade any discolorations, blackheads, white heads as well as any visible bumps you might have. The pores will get back to the normal size after the exfoliator has been removed from the skin area. Make sure you do not use it near your eye area especially if you have undergone a ptosis correction as it can sting.


You might be good with your daily routine but if you are someone who does not use a spot treatment then the purpose of your skin care is lost. The spot treatment will sink into your skin and reduce the appearance of pores and shrink the zit. Sometimes you might notice that your zits have shrunk by a considerable amount in the morning. Make sure you use the best treatment for your skin type. You can even ask your dermatologist for the same recommendations. He or She will be able to tell you as to which brands are safe for use. Some brands use a lot of chemicals which can irritate your skin so always try to do a patch test at the store before you decide to purchase a full size bottle or tube.