Go to each and every individual on the planet, and you may find it impossible to find a man who does not want to be successful.

Success may mean different things to different people, but the fact remains that each and every one strives to achieve it in whichever way they can. Whether it is success at the workplace, or success at family life; or even a different kind of success, where your goal is to simply be happy; laying out the foundation for your success is one of the most important things you could do with your shot time on this planet.

In the modern world, success has become synonymous with wealth, fortune, and luxury. If you are diving into crystal clear waters off the side of your own private yacht, dressed in a five thousand-dollar bathing suit, most would adjudge you to be pretty successful. The idea is that you have reached such a level of success that you have made yourself the time and given yourself the opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life.

Enjoying these ‘finer things’ does come at quite a hefty price. The more money you spend, however, the more you give off the image of success.

This mindset of people has led to the booming growth of the luxury goods industry. This industry branches off into every possible area of goods and services imaginable, and promises to cater to your exact needs down to the very last minute detail.

Luxury jewellery and watchesOne of the most statement-making ways with which to show off one’s success has become through the use of luxury jewels. The wealthy and successful are infamous for adorning themselves with precious jewels, some of which, if sold, could feed an entire third-world town or so. The most awe-inspiringly dazzling diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds glisten on the necks and earlobes of the so-called “successful”.

When it comes to luxury watches in Singapore, it has become a huge market in itself. Famous watch companies across the world create handcrafted and the most precise watches money can buy, and sell them for equally incredible prices.

Those who buy watches to make a statement do so usually by going for the most extravagant of them all. Designed with the best in technology and finished with the most valuable materials known to man, some of these watches can cost millions of dollars each, and more for custom-made ones. In fact, some have their own waiting lists.

Modern-day luxury depicts the idea that bigger is better; but it is the wise that know that success comes not from how many things you own, but by how many would regret your loss the day you die, and not simply your will.