When stepping into a new career path it sure takes a lot of experience to master the field. No one is born professional, everyone has to work their way towards achieving their dream destination. Food blogging is curve from the many other career paths that one can venture into it. The key is, you do not need to be a professional photographer with immense talent in capturing delicious platters that are simply mouthwatering just by the looks of it. Instead, it takes a lot of practice sessions and mistakes to shape and enhance your new found talent. Here are some of the pro tips compiled by expert photographers and bloggers to help you discover your new career path.

Always use plates and bowls that are smaller in size
The most common mistake that is often over looked is the food always drowns in the large sized dish or platter. For example if you are to serve fried fish for guests, it would be probably be served on dinner plate with few spread out evenly, however this concept in the camera lens makes it look like you are serving up tiny fish that does not look fulfilling. To correct this, try serving the fish and plating it up in a smaller sized plate with a slice of lemon wedge and some sprinkled herbs. Drop a dollop of dipping sauce on the plate to make it looked filled up. Culinary workshops in Singapore often see that this method is strictly followed when it comes to presentation.

Enhance the “yummy” look in your food
Many times we have come across pictures of various dishes on websites and we simply tend to scroll past them and once in a while something mouthwatering catches our eyes and people tend to have an instant craving just by seen a tasteful picture. This is what food bloggers need to capture the attention of readers. At various culinary workshops instruct on emphasizing the focus on the food styling itself than any other background details. It should make people the tendency to cook and try out the food instead of merely drooling over a pretty picture.

Wise choice of props
The interesting part of food photography is the attention to minor details such as the props used to highlight the overall picture set up. Apart from the fancy dishes, fine china and matte bowls and plates there has to be attention paid towards setting up a story through the pictures. Glass bottles are great for pairing up with burgers, pizzas and sandwiches and pasta or soup is more picturesque when paired with wine.