Everyone has a Story

Let’s get his right in the very beginning – when it gets down to selling your craft, your own little back story becomes the ultimate shining point. This will set you apart of the arch nemesis of the high end massive brands and will add value and substance to your product.

People who buy from you love the concept of ‘meeting the maker’ and getting to know them. This could mean getting to know your personal life a little bit more, seeing your day to day activities, or how you create things. You must get the story straight and creative and be clear while communicating. How is this little pendant made? Why do you ocean themed stationeries? Materials? Techniques? Your inspiration?

Pretty Pictures

It is not at all possible to promote a product with bad images.  Product photography is crucial in terms of bringing forth the quality of the work. If you can afford it, it is very much advisable to get some professional help – a photographer experienced in working with product photography.  Even if you do it yourself – clarity of images is extra important and so is the vibrancy of the colors. Get inspired through magazines and even Instagram, tumblr. Your website design must emphasize on eye catching pictures.

Price Tag

This is a very tricky game right here. There are two main reasons why this is important to be right – first, you need not mark too high and limit your sales, but at the same time you need to get paid. If you need help to make your way through, do not hesitate to get professional help.

Are you Products Available to Go?

It is a no brainer, but who can customers buy your crafts if you don’t make it readily available?  If you are prepared to sell your designs and products, you need to figure out the best platform to connect and deal with your potential buying audience. Selling things online is a very logical and also a practical first point – and what is better, maybe with a little help of a web development in Singapore agency you will be able manage things on your own.

Get Connected

It’s also good to connect with other craft makers just like you, so that you can compare your experiences and get inspired by each other. The established ones can provide guidance and the newbies can lend you a new perspective to things. Another thing that you can do is collaborative projects. Though they take time to organize, they can really help in promoting your trade. The more people that see you the more opportunities you tend to unlock.