When it comes to food, the taste solely doesn’t sell. If you want to be a popular foodie joint then you need not only make tasty and yummy food but also food that is candy to the eyes. Unless a dish is appealing to a person they are unlikely to enjoy eating it! After all, first impression makes a huge impact!

Here are some tips to help you present food well!

The ceramics

The ceramics and platters used for presenting the food is also one of the most important things. You need to present the food in platters that are of the same design. And in the recent times, chefs opt for square or rectangle shaped dishes rather than the traditionally used round dishes. You need to also make sure that you use the ceramics of the same design only. That way it will look nicely organized and presented as well!

Use colours

Make use of colours when presenting dishes. Don’t always opt for white for the dishes. It is not a very interesting choice. Especially if you are hosting a kid’s birthday gathering, then instead go for ceramics of eccentric colour. It will make the event look joyful and colour to it! You can also use the food of contrasting colours for the décor purposes. It will make the dishes look absolutely mouthwatering and inviting! Most of the restaurant catering services also use various colourful food items to make their dishes look nice.

 Food décor

When it comes to decoration with food items, in the modern times, you can see that various kinds of designs are being created flawlessly by chefs using a fruit and carving equipment. Some chefs use two or more food items to make structures like animals or birds or etc. you can even use frozen chocolate to decorate your food items. Even most of the famous boat quay restaurants use food itself to decorate their dishes!


When it comes to food, most people in the recent times don’t want to taste a dish simply because it doesn’t look good. Therefore if you are wondering why you should present food well? Well, even when it comes to a home, you will see a huge difference in eating food that is well presented and food that doesn’t look so good. Especially, if it comes to kids, they are already fussy when it comes to eating. So, when the food is presented well, they will feel like eating it!

If you are worried that you are not creative enough to come up with proper creations, you can always surf the net for videos and images that will definitely help you out!