The electronic industry is going through huge growth in the recent years. With the introduction of touchscreens on smartphones, it has become the norm for every new device being released to have a touchscreen. The trend now is to have a phone that is entirely a screen without empty corners that do not serve a purpose. With the emergence of touchscreens, smartphones now go through a lot of problems than their predecessors. Each device would come with their own special problems that have not been thought about in the design and the manufacturing phase. A majority of the problems are due the smartphones screen, battery and software. These areas will be affected most in the case of heavy usage, using the same device for a long period of time or accidents that would increase the chances of an incident. This article will discuss briefly the common smartphone problems every smartphone owner might face in the time he/she owns one.


The battery is the element that provides power to the device to do its functions. Without the battery, you would not really have a working phone. If there are problems with the battery, it could potentially harm yourself, in the event of the battery exploding or the device catching fire. These are all possibilities of a faulty battery which is potentially very dangerous. To change a battery now, however, is not as easy as in once was. All of the smartphones are being sold with sealed backs which makes it relatively harder to swap batteries easily. If the battery is faulty and the back is sealed, you should decide to find an iPhone repair shop to fix that battery problem.

Extreme Lag

Another problem with smartphones now is how the device tends to become slow after being used for a couple of months. This is mostly due to the hardware of the device. Every year, a new flagship smartphone is being introduced by most of the big smartphone manufacturers. With every new phone, the specifications of the device are being upgraded to the newest and the best. The software is also being upgraded to be compatible with this new device. As a result, the older devices are being left out. The update to not come and the hardware starts aging, resulting in lag and slower phones. Smartphones built by the company, Apple, so not lag as much as the other manufacturers, so an iPhone repair in Singapore or a purchasing a new device would not be necessary.

Other problems include software issues such as a WIFI connectivity problem or a Bluetooth connection problem, cracked or broken screens, app crashes, etcetera. All of these problems have solutions and some of these problems do not. It is best to compare prices and calculating if it is worth repairing or purchasing a new device.