In a world with an ever-growing population, smaller homes are becoming more and more common. This allows people to own homes while not having to incur the large cost of looking for a large home, due to rising prices of land and real estate. This rise is a result of the high demand being met by a low supply. Nevertheless, it is possible to make a beautiful home in a small space if the design and decorating of the home is done in a thoughtful and organized manner. Opting for methods that maximizing the space of your home would allow you to enjoy every possible comfort required despite the small size of the home.

Architecture that emphasizes spaceThere are some methods of construction that enhance the space of a home and make it appear larger. One such architectural element is high ceilings. If high ceilings are not a feature that your home has, the illusion of such a ceiling can be created by installing exposed wooden beams or a gradient ceiling, with beams following the gradient, to draw the eye upwards. To complement this, you can choose to paint the walls of your home a light colour, the best being ivory or similar shades of white. White reflects the maximum amount of light and make a room appear bigger than it is. An accent wall or two, painted in a deeper tone, such as light charcoal, could also help bring focus to a centre point of a room without taking away from its size.

Going for an open floor plan is one of the best ways in which a home can be made to look larger. Any partition walls can be taken down with the use of professionals, to create larger spaces.The flooring of a small home should be consistent in order to create cohesion and to give a certain flow to the entire home.

Minimalistic decoration and furnishingIn terms of decoration and furnishing, it is best to opt for a few statement pieces instead of many different pieces of furniture. Furniture should also follow the colour palette of light against dark to create a beautiful flow to the home, creating a comfortable living environment that is more cozy than cramped.

For storage, closets and cabinets can be built flush against the walls, especially of bedrooms, to maximize space. Personal storage in Singapore closets can be added to carefully think out corners of the room so as to waste as little space as possible.

If needed, a storage service company can be called upon to provide specially designed storage solutions to suit your home environment.

Tucking away your storage items in clean spaces would help keep your home spaces clean and open.