When you have a child, she becomes you entire world and you will be tempted to buy her everything that she asks for whenever she asks for it even if you cannot always afford to buy the things she asks for. In fact, most parents will collect the money every month even when they cannot afford to do so, in order to buy gifts for their children and shower them with presents and treats. The sad part however is that most of these gifts that you buy for your child will often end up broken and thrown away as children lose interest in certain things as they grow up and in truth, it is unnecessary to buy lots of presents for your child just because your child asks for them.

Buy presents that matter

It would a far more advisable thing to do to invest that money in a bank account for your child instead or to buy your child a gift of something that they will love forever and not throw away after a month or two. As an example, you could collect the money and look for a second hand piano for sale that you can gift your child with in order to encourage her to pursue her talents in music and piano. A gift of a piano is something that will last a lifetime and will one day be passed down to your children’s children and therefore can be considered one of the best gifts.

A second hand piano for sale is not likely to cost too much money and when you consider all the money you spend on your child every month should be quite affordable if you collect that money for a few months. At first you might find that your child does not immediately appreciate the gift and it is vital that you do not let yourself become disappointed at this.

A piano is a thing that your child will learn to love and it is important to accompany the gift with a gift of music classes in order for your child to really learn and appreciate what she can do with such a beautiful gift. Even if your daughter doesn’t fall in love with the piano immediately, she will one day when she begins to grow up and understand what she can do with it and the beauty that she can create. In addition to having a lot of fun with it, she will also be able to have many career opportunities as a result of being able to play the piano.