We live in a world where everything is replaced by a newer version in a few months, if not minutes. That is because innovations in technology allow us to make better, more efficient versions of anything we want. A toothbrush evolves into a motorized toothbrush. A buggy evolves into a car evolves into an electric car. However, in some parts of the world and in some aspects of society, old customs and traditions endure despite modern innovations that make things easier and better. Here are a few instances where old is still gold.

The Golf Green

The lush carpet of synthetic green grass rolls away from the players as the crowd waits for the champion to swing the club and hit the ball through the air. Golf has been played on acres and acres of green grass for decades and has adapted a unique jargon as well as sporting equipment designed to harmonize with that grass. The grass in gold links can be varied, such as Bermuda grass or Bentgrass, and are extremely difficult to maintain during seasonal weather changes, particularly in Europe.

While artificial turf has caught on in many other sporting facilities and in domestic and corporate usage, when it comes to golf, pro golfers prefer to play on authentic grass, not otherwise. It may be easier to manage, but it hampers the ball’s scope and the club’s swing.

Royalty and Nobility

The world today is largely democratic and republican; at the very least, few countries are true monarchies with monarchs and oligarchs ruling over the masses who have no say in how they are rules at all. In fact, with the advent of the 19th century and by the 20th century, royalty was truly outdates concept. Even the most famous monarchy in the world, the Windsors of Great Britain, preside over a constitutional monarchy, meaning they have little to do with the actual, constitutional running of the country; they are mostly ornamental. Yet royal families exist in many countries around the world: Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and Vatican City in Europe; and UAE in Asia; and Lesotho, Morocco, and Swaziland in Africa are all countries with functioning royal families.

Food and Drink

For so many years now, humans have not actually needed food; various pills and syrups with all the nutrients are available (or can easily be manufactured) in order for our bodies to grow. Even additional supplements that are not easily available such as fatty acids and omegas can be delivered through a capsule. Yet, food remains one of the most potent joys of our lives. Many people live for food, making it their career to cook, taste, review and otherwise engage in their love of food, when the concept has actually been redundant for many years prior.