Enterprise resource planning systems have grown through leaps and bounds in the past few decades. From being a luxury, it has become one of those items that a modern business cannot do without. Changing over into an enterprise resource planning system is a major task. There are many steps involved, along with mistakes, bugs, conflicts of opinion, training, re-training and many more. This is all part and parcel of implementing a software that is going to make easy inventory reports.

However, below we have listed out exactly what is not normal when implementing such a system. Accordingly, here are some things that you should avoid when you are implementing your ERP system.

Unaligned vision

The first and foremost thing that you should do when it comes to implementing such a system is to get everyone behind the idea. This doesn’t mean that you can simply get away by sending a mediocre email to everyone. This is everyone’s way of working that you are talking about. By implementing an enterprise resource planning system you are going to be changing the way of working of many individuals. More often than not, your efforts, however well meaning, will be scoffed at, disregarded or resisted. Therefore before you implement ERP solutions, you need to get everyone to see the same vision. Have a meeting or organize a coffee break where you actively try to convince them of the benefits of the software. Once you have aligned everyone towards a common vision, the rest will be extremely easy.

Inadequate training

Inadequate training is something that you would want to avoid at all costs. You cannot implement an ERP software system without a comprehensive and exhaustive training period. As such it is not only important to train your team right after implementation, but also to continue with training thereafter. For this, you would have to select a vendor with the best after-sales service. 

Ignoring features

Most ERP software system come with several features. All these serve a specific purpose. It is only practical that you make use of all these services and features when you are using the system. While it may not be practical to use all features right at implementation, you should have a plan as to when each feature and finally all features can be in use. Many people would resist these features as they are unfamiliar with them. But, make use of the data generated from these features to make informed decision in future. Keep in mind that most of these software have been developed with the industry expert knowledge and based on the best practices of several industries. Therefore, making use of them will automatically allow you to raise your standards higher.