Maybe you are a professional event planner whose job description basically involves nothing else than planning events (obviously) and thus event planning comes to you naturally like breathing in and out. But what if you are not? (I mean not an event planner). What if you are some random person who just got landed with planning an important event at work or for any other purpose and gave no clue on what to do and where to start? Well then, this article is for people like you to get to know your ABCs in event planning.

So the first thing to do is not panic (this is really important) because if you panic nothing productive is going to come out of your brain anytime soon so you must sit down relax and start to think this through in a very professional manner. Don’t panic about the deadline (you may have only a very small period of time to pull off a a big event but that’s ok if you know how to do I properly) or anything else because panicking will not lead you anywhere (except for failure of course).


So now that you are relaxed do a little brain storming session. It is good if you can get some others to do this with you too. Multiple heads working together will produce ideas faster. Write down all the ideas on a sheet of paper and cross off the most wild and impractical ones leaving the achievable ideas intact. Now the key is to remember that all the ideas depend on the type of even you are planning and each type of event will require certain types of procedures that have to be followed. You must be aware of all the possible scenarios and the requirements. You mud probe on to the objectives of holding such an event and try to achieve them through various creative means and methods. You must sit together with the core group you selected to help out (this is vital because however much you might be good at organizing it is impossible to do everything on your own. Delegation of tasks and supervision constantly is the key) and work out the logistics, the budget, assigning of tasks etc.

Have a time frame like a chart where you could write down the tasks you are going to get done in a specific time period. Like first two weeks will have location choosing, choosing of caterers etc. Make sure you stick to your time frame allotted and that all essential tasks will be done and finished at least a week before.

You must be very careful why you hire equipment and other stuff from outside sources. For an example you must be careful when you do the sound system rental in Singapore because if it doesn’t work properly or has glitches here and there the whole event can be a flop as people won’t be able to hear anything and you will have to run around in a panic induced terror trying to get it fixed in the last moment before the event is scheduled to start.

Thus make sure that you hire a reputed agency when it comes to the sounds and microphones and always remember to have a test drive well before the event is going to start.