Human beings have a huge problem with aging and getting old. There is a huge range of diseases and problems due to getting old. People are finding it hard to give accomodation to their own parents who had helped them to grow into the person they have become. It is a pity state where people are forced to stay in unknown place known as old age home as well as fighting the old age problems.

The first problem of old age is memory problem where they will normally lose their retieval capacity and memory span. People are more susceptible to memory disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, Vascular disorder and other types of dementia. There is huge problem with bodily problems like arthritis, plantar fasciitis and other bone related problem. There is no seperate plantar fasciitis treatment in Singapore because this is the common heel pain which can be diagnosed and be mostly treated at home. This can be due to overweight, walking for long distance and several other factors. You can just massage your heel and let it submerge in mild hot water. There are several other ways to find a cure and relief from plantar fasciitis.

Physiotherapist, podiatrist and orthotists who specialize in curing people of pain would recommend orthotic insoles, for these kinds of pains since they are effective. Most of the people are now interested in acupuncture in which the specialist will apply pressure to certain areas for certain type of abnormality.

Old age means apart from bodily discomfort, there is a problem with psychological states of people. There is a huge part of psychology which will look into the old age and the related issues. It had been said that people in old age will ponder upon their life and decide on the fact of what had they achieved in life. If they feel satisfied, then there is no rise of crisis and psychological disturbance. But, if they are unsatisfied with what they had done with their life, they will not be ready to die. This will cause incongruence between the ideal self and real self causing problem for the person leading them to be in a state of crisis where they will need some way to make up for the past.

There are other things like external factors from the environment, which will affect the person’s last years. The person’s friends, children, mates, relatives and other people can be considered as factors influencing a person’s life satisfaction in general. In old age, apart from their own retrieval, they will consider the level to which they had reached and what the society thinks of them.