Switching to a storage service seems to be the best alternative space available today to take care of your valued but unnecessary items. It can be your childhood play things, valuable antiques or even books, things can get cramped up in our houses as we grow older. So, storing such items in a storage space will be both beneficial and safe. Though it is indeed useful, you must make sure you avoid certain things that could in fact be detrimental thus making it a worthless investment. So, what exactly are we talking about?

Not looking into the movers

You happily wake up on the day of you planned to move, only to realize that your cupboard doesn’t fit in the truck. And there goes your mood and your day along with it. This is a cardinal mistake to make when transferring items. Always make it a point to inquire the capacity and the dimensions of the vehicle in order to double check the ability to successfully transfer the said goods. Furthermore, a little background check on the movers themselves could come in handy through your self storage Singapore process since reputed companies always have back up plans for emergencies. 

Not looking into space (pun intended)

What could be a real frustration is after doing all the hard work of packing and transporting, you realize that the storage space itself is inadequate to support the entirety of goods. And though it may sound ridiculous it actually happens. Such an instance while very disappointing, will also cost you a considerable amount of effort and money which could have been completely and easily avoidable. Therefore, always make the effort to run down to the facility and have a rough estimate of the dimensions of the space so that you don’t end up with massive disappointment. 

Discounts galore

The word discount is very appealing to the human mind. And that drags many down into undesirable situations. While a move-in discount sounds very attractive, you must always remember that there is a catch. Though some deals may actually be favorable, more often than not, you will find yourself paying much more than you actually should for the cheapest storage space. This often occurs through agreements which specify a fixed time period. Thus, by increasing the rate along the way, the client ends up paying much more than bargained for. Therefore, it is always better to keep a weather eye on the terms and conditions and the deal you sign.


Finally, always check how frequently you have to visit and use the storage space. If it may happen frequently and during odd hours, it is always better to get a 24-hour package or a similar deal to suit your needs.