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Month: December 2017

Most Common Smartphone Problems

The electronic industry is going through huge growth in the recent years. With the introduction of touchscreens on smartphones, it has become the norm for every new device being released to have a touchscreen. The trend now is to have a phone that is entirely a screen without empty corners that do not serve a purpose. With the emergence of touchscreens, smartphones now go through a lot of problems than their predecessors. Each device would come with their own special problems that have not been thought about in the design and the manufacturing phase. A majority of the problems are due the smartphones screen, battery and software. These areas will be affected most in the case of heavy usage, using the same device for a long period of time or accidents that would increase the chances of an incident. This article will discuss briefly the common smartphone problems every smartphone owner might face in the time he/she owns one.


The battery is the element that provides power to the device to do its functions. Without the battery, you would not really have a working phone. If there are problems with the battery, it could potentially harm yourself, in the event of the battery exploding or the device catching fire. These are all possibilities of a faulty battery which is potentially very dangerous. To change a battery now, however, is not as easy as in once was. All of the smartphones are being sold with sealed backs which makes it relatively harder to swap batteries easily. If the battery is faulty and the back is sealed, you should decide to find an iPhone repair shop to fix that battery problem.

Extreme Lag

Another problem with smartphones now is how the device tends to become slow after being used for a couple of months. This is mostly due to the hardware of the device. Every year, a new flagship smartphone is being introduced by most of the big smartphone manufacturers. With every new phone, the specifications of the device are being upgraded to the newest and the best. The software is also being upgraded to be compatible with this new device. As a result, the older devices are being left out. The update to not come and the hardware starts aging, resulting in lag and slower phones. Smartphones built by the company, Apple, so not lag as much as the other manufacturers, so an iPhone repair in Singapore or a purchasing a new device would not be necessary.

Other problems include software issues such as a WIFI connectivity problem or a Bluetooth connection problem, cracked or broken screens, app crashes, etcetera. All of these problems have solutions and some of these problems do not. It is best to compare prices and calculating if it is worth repairing or purchasing a new device.

Running A Little Craft Business? This Is A Must Read

Everyone has a Story

Let’s get his right in the very beginning – when it gets down to selling your craft, your own little back story becomes the ultimate shining point. This will set you apart of the arch nemesis of the high end massive brands and will add value and substance to your product.

People who buy from you love the concept of ‘meeting the maker’ and getting to know them. This could mean getting to know your personal life a little bit more, seeing your day to day activities, or how you create things. You must get the story straight and creative and be clear while communicating. How is this little pendant made? Why do you ocean themed stationeries? Materials? Techniques? Your inspiration?

Pretty Pictures

It is not at all possible to promote a product with bad images.  Product photography is crucial in terms of bringing forth the quality of the work. If you can afford it, it is very much advisable to get some professional help – a photographer experienced in working with product photography.  Even if you do it yourself – clarity of images is extra important and so is the vibrancy of the colors. Get inspired through magazines and even Instagram, tumblr. Your website design must emphasize on eye catching pictures.

Price Tag

This is a very tricky game right here. There are two main reasons why this is important to be right – first, you need not mark too high and limit your sales, but at the same time you need to get paid. If you need help to make your way through, do not hesitate to get professional help.

Are you Products Available to Go?

It is a no brainer, but who can customers buy your crafts if you don’t make it readily available?  If you are prepared to sell your designs and products, you need to figure out the best platform to connect and deal with your potential buying audience. Selling things online is a very logical and also a practical first point – and what is better, maybe with a little help of a web development in Singapore agency you will be able manage things on your own.

Get Connected

It’s also good to connect with other craft makers just like you, so that you can compare your experiences and get inspired by each other. The established ones can provide guidance and the newbies can lend you a new perspective to things. Another thing that you can do is collaborative projects. Though they take time to organize, they can really help in promoting your trade. The more people that see you the more opportunities you tend to unlock.

4 Things To Avoid When Switching To A Storage Unit

Switching to a storage service seems to be the best alternative space available today to take care of your valued but unnecessary items. It can be your childhood play things, valuable antiques or even books, things can get cramped up in our houses as we grow older. So, storing such items in a storage space will be both beneficial and safe. Though it is indeed useful, you must make sure you avoid certain things that could in fact be detrimental thus making it a worthless investment. So, what exactly are we talking about?

Not looking into the movers

You happily wake up on the day of you planned to move, only to realize that your cupboard doesn’t fit in the truck. And there goes your mood and your day along with it. This is a cardinal mistake to make when transferring items. Always make it a point to inquire the capacity and the dimensions of the vehicle in order to double check the ability to successfully transfer the said goods. Furthermore, a little background check on the movers themselves could come in handy through your self storage Singapore process since reputed companies always have back up plans for emergencies. 

Not looking into space (pun intended)

What could be a real frustration is after doing all the hard work of packing and transporting, you realize that the storage space itself is inadequate to support the entirety of goods. And though it may sound ridiculous it actually happens. Such an instance while very disappointing, will also cost you a considerable amount of effort and money which could have been completely and easily avoidable. Therefore, always make the effort to run down to the facility and have a rough estimate of the dimensions of the space so that you don’t end up with massive disappointment. 

Discounts galore

The word discount is very appealing to the human mind. And that drags many down into undesirable situations. While a move-in discount sounds very attractive, you must always remember that there is a catch. Though some deals may actually be favorable, more often than not, you will find yourself paying much more than you actually should for the cheapest storage space. This often occurs through agreements which specify a fixed time period. Thus, by increasing the rate along the way, the client ends up paying much more than bargained for. Therefore, it is always better to keep a weather eye on the terms and conditions and the deal you sign.


Finally, always check how frequently you have to visit and use the storage space. If it may happen frequently and during odd hours, it is always better to get a 24-hour package or a similar deal to suit your needs.

Vital Tips For Managing Circuits

Our homes are very important to all of us. Not only does it provide us lodging and security, for most of us, our homes are filled with unforgettable memories. So it is natural that we try to protect and maintain our respective homes as much as possible. An element that concerns most home owners is electricity. Though it is near impossible to function without electricity, it is often a double edged sword. It comes with its own set of very precarious hazards. So one must make sure to use and handle the electrical system of a house very carefully. Even though all this sounds daunting, you should not fret since modern technological advancements make sure that with a little precaution and right information, you can control electricity harmlessly. One tiny device which makes a world of difference in this respect is the circuit breaker.

What is it?

An electric circuit breaker is a tiny contraption which breaks the electric flow when the current running through the wiring system gets alarmingly large. It has become a must in all houses because without them the environment is constantly at risk of fire and other electrical hazards. Though this is so essential to our lives, not many people posses adequate knowledge regarding the handling of these devices which could one day prove critical. As a home owner it is always useful to keep in touch with a circuit breaker supplier Singapore such as a local hardware store or a resident electrical since you may never know when you will need one of these. It is recommended that you keep some spare circuits around your house to be used in an emergency. 

Warning Signs

A simple way of avoiding most hazards is by having a basic knowledge on the warning signs of overloading in the circuits. This can occur in multiple ways. The most basic trigger is the consistent blowing of fuses and trip switches. Furthermore, the slight flicker of lights when switched on and the emitting of sparks and sounds when switching particular plug points are tell tale signs of over loading. By identifying it early, you can engage in pre-emptive measures instead of waiting till it transforms into something more dangerous.


You can engage in many preventive measures to solve the problem. One of the fundamental methods is by using quality electrical products. Cheap wiring and equipment are bound to under perform and malfunction and you do not want to meddle around with something such as this. If the budget is not an issue, you can take many extra precautions such as installing an marine cable for your material to protect them from liquids. However practical actions such as the moderate usage of extension cords, switching unused sockets off and keeping the circuit breakers in condition will go a long way.

Professional help

Finally, if you cannot understand the cause for the power blockage, do not attempt to troubleshoot. This is very dangerous activity and it is best if you wait for professional help!

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