Judging something by its cover certainly does not work for books but it almost always works when it comes to houses. When buying a house, the outer appearance of the house usually is what decides the deal. According to a study done, it takes potential buyers only about ten seconds to decide if they actually like the house and if they are going to buy it or not. The bad appearance of a house can have disastrous effects on someone who is planning to buy it but thankfully this is something that can be changed by investing some time and effort. Having a good outer appearance is not going to convince someone to buy the house or add extra value, but it helps the buyer enter the house with a positive frame of mind and this can help convince them to buy it in the end. Buyers always look for signs that show that the house they want to buy is well maintained. Any sign that indicates that they need to spend more money and their time is certain to put them off. Look here to gather ideas about designer furniture in Singapore.

Improving the look of the house is generally thought to be an expensive project but it with some smart techniques it can be done for cheap. One of the simplest things to do is to give your front door a new coat of paint. If you have the urge to go wild you can go with a bright color or settle or something more subdued like black or a brown. Take your time and browse for some good furniture. Visit online furniture shops where you can find high quality furniture for cheaper.

If the online furniture websites have a retail store, visit them in person so you can get a better look and feel about the furniture and if it would fit your household. Buying antique designed furniture will not suit your house if everything else is set for modern times.

Ensure that the pathway to your house is swept on a regular basis and debris is cleared. If you own a car or bicycle they should be neatly parked instead of being an eyesore. Add some plants and colorful flowers to the pathway leading to your house if possible. Spend some time or contact a landscaping company to plant a landscaped bed and trim the hedges and such. If you have a brick wall remove creepers as they can gradually destroy the brick wall.

Dirty windows and rotten frames are another deal breaker. Clean the windows and give a coat of paint to the frames if necessary which is sure to freshen up the appearance.